Monday, May 17, 2010

Confused Cattle Egret

For the past couple of days a cattle egret has been following around my Top Knot rooster - Rock Star. Granted he is a handsome rooster with wild top knot feathers and a dashing tail. Although right now he looks like he has a hard run with the rock star life.... looks kinda ragged from moulting, but still has a few dazzling feathers to make him dashing. Ha!

The egret even follows him into the chicken coop area and stops short of going instead to coop. She just perches on top of the pen and waits for him to come back out. All the while the hens are cackling up a storm that an invader is in the area. I just love the unfolding reomance drama that is occuring on my farm! I'll try to get some pics of Rock Star posted later.

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