Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Farm Musings

It's been a long time since I last posted. Lots going on... mainly trail riding! Greg and I have been hitting the trails and highways going to trail riding camps. We went to Eagle Ranch the first of May with the KC Foxtrotter Club and then on to Big Creek Trail Ride at the end of May for a week long ride and had a great time. Then we have been doing weekend rides locally. We checked out J Bar S in Osceloa, MO over 4th of July weekend. Nice trails and campground, but the stalls need some work.

Last weekend we went back to Eagle Ranch in Collins, MO with some friends. I demonstrated the correct marshmallow techniques for the perfect mallow! I'm a certified toaster! Ha! One of these days I'm going write a short book on the various techniques for creating the perfect toasted marshmallow.

All the rainy weather has brought forth beautiful flowers. The daylilles are just gorgeous this year as you can see from the flower pics. Even the butterflies and bees are happy with this years abundance of nectar.

I've been busy on the farm too. Back in June I went and bought 6 more hens from a little gal in 4-H. I can't keep up with all the egg orders I receive from co-workers. The little hens are about 4-5 months old - 2 Rhode Island Reds and 4 Barred Rocks. I've never had the Reds before, but I hear they are super layers. I'm kinda impressed with their red color too.... looks like my hair! Rockstar (B&W Wild feathers) Really likes the new gals too. Along with Rocky (B&W tail) Tyson (not pictured) and DiMaggio (black) .

Our squarefoot garden is doing great. We've been enjoying the squashes, zucchinis, green beans. Tomatoes, peppers, and corn are on the way. I also planted gourds which are vining up the corn stalks. This technique is working out very well. I'm going to make gourd bird houses for all the bluebirds I have on the farm. I even have a few pumpkins growing.

Aldi (black kitty) and Windi (tabby) are doing great. I'm hoping to get them spayed and neutered next week. They are sooo lovable. I wish I could bring them in the house but I'm allergic to kitty dander and Hubby says NO.

When this weather cools off, I hope to start my search again for some ewes. Having a hard time finding young lambs. And I need to think about how to rotate pastures too. I have plenty of horse pasture, but need to fence off another section just for the sheep. Maybe I'm not meant to have sheep. :) I did find a great pair of body clipper/shears at a garage sale for $5. And they work too. Just needs to be cleaned and oiled. I love garage sales.

And of course, just when I get healed from my back issues last fall I went and pulled tendons in my shoulder. Ah the joys of getting older. And you know insurance sure doesn't pay what it use to.... but I'm glad at least to have it. MRIs are outrageous!!!
I'll post some pics later of our trail rides. Trying to figure out this blogging picture thing has worn me out. Hee Hee


  1. Isn't blogging much better than facebook?

    Your flowers are beautiful! Mine are getting swallowed up by weed! Just can't make myself pull weeds in the evening after spending all day in the heat.

  2. What kind of chickens are the two white hens? Are they Campine (sp?)or Delaware by chance? I have twenty hens myself, and I can't keep up with egg orders either. I'm going to review budgeting and decide whether it's worth my time and efforts to get some more chicks. I love having a variety, so it wouldn't be a stretch to get some more to decorate our lawn. :)

  3. Those little white hens are japanese white bantams. They are sooo tiny. The white hen on the roost is actually very small - the pic makes her look bigger. The other bantam is called a black and white tail japanese bantam. I have two roosters and two hens of this variety. Cute, but very small eggs. T

    hat is why I needed more large layers. Some of my clients don't like the bantam eggs even though I offer a discount per dozen. How well, you can't please every body so I use them myself. Two bantam eggs equal 1 regular egg. :)