Monday, September 27, 2010

Fence Building

I'm nesting.... I feel like I'm getting ready for a baby! But instead of decorating a baby room, I'm building paddocks and buying fencing materials for my new Icelandic Sheep. Only a few more weeks to go before I go and pick them up. I'm so excited.... I look at the pictures of the sheep I purchased every day. :)

A few weeks ago my mom (pictured), dad, Greg (pictured) and I built another paddock for the sheep. I will have two paddocks for lambing and the ram's late winter home and two small pastures for winter feeding. And who would have thought I would have been able to find used T-posts so close to home. After two months of trying to get T-posts through craigslist ads, I was talking to my neighbor who just put in 10 acres of pipe fence for his horses. I said I was looking for T-posts and he said he had about 80 that I could have for $1.25 each. What a nice neighbor and a good bargain for me too. I am so thankful for the generosity of others.

Not only did I get a good deal on the T-posts, but I also bought corner posts from him too. Now to find the time to fence in the back pasture with sheep woven wire. This chore may have to wait; I'd like to get it done by a local fence builder next spring, so I'll inquire about what his labor will cost. May be worth it to wait since my right shoulder is not working too good! Greg has already cleared wild roses out of the existing 5 wire barbwire fence, so all we'll have to do is take down part of the barbwire and put in 80 T-posts to cross fence.

The pastures are looking great for this time of year. Nice and green and oh so lush. It may be awhile before I can turn the horses out back. Don't want any of them to founder on the green grass!