Monday, May 10, 2010

Aldi and Windy Pic and New Square Foot Gardens

Aldi and Windy are getting friendlier. They are going to be my horse barn kitties instead of the Hay barn. I'm usually pretty picky about what goes in my horse barn, but every barn needs a cat right???

Greg finished my square foot garden beds...AKA raised beds. I've never gardened this way before, but since the last several years have been sooo wet and I've actually drowned some plants, I'm hoping this method works better. That rich, black dirt came from my goat compost pile. It is lovely dirt! Ha! Hoping it will grow some great vegetables.


  1. Very cute kittens!
    I have been gardening a modified square foot garden. Just meaning I plant closer together in raised beds. If you buy the book Square foot Gardening it has very helpful tips on planting all different kinds of veggies. I love my gardens, plan on putting more in this year. I only have three right now and one of them is strawberries. Looks like lots and lots of strawberries this year!!!! Yummy!!!

  2. I bet your horses and kitties will become great friends!