Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chicks and Working Girls

I can't believe the chicks will be four weeks old tomorrow. Amazing how fast they grow. I moved them to the big girl house AKA chicken coop. They are in a wire pen so they can see the older hens and the hens can get used to them. In about 5 days I will let them out and then they can start exploring the big wide world of the coop and outside fenced area. They are to small to let free range right now as they could easily become cat or hawk dinner!

The Black Sex Links should start laying in about twelve weeks with the others following a few weeks later. I am so looking forward to these gals eggs as I have more demand than supply right now.

Golden Laced Top Knot
I have had several requests from my egg buyers to see some of the hens that supply them with delicious, robust flavored eggs. So below are several pictures of the working girls.

Black Tail Japenese Bantam

Blue Americana

Working Girls
I also attempted my first hand shear tonight. I need to get better on shearing the sides, but all in all a good learning experience. Apollo was pretty well behaved for his first shear even when I nicked his leg twice. I feel really bad about causing him to have an owey. Note to self to go slower around legs. I really hate the loose skin on the back hip as it is very hard to clip the fleece in this area. His fleece is a years worth or growth so it has quite a bit of VM in it. Too bad since his thel is soooo soft. Maybe I can use some of it for a felting project.

Before Hand Shear

After Hand Shear

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