Monday, April 9, 2012

First Lambs of the Season

Good Friday started out Great! Daisy, my leadersheep ewe delivered a ram and ewe lamb sometime between 1AM and 6AM. She is a very experienced mother and did a great job taking care of her twins in the early morning hours.

The ram is named Barbwire and the ewe is Babette. Babette was very vigorous at a few hours old which is typical of leadersheep. She was up bouncing around like a goat kid while Barbwire was content to lay in the early morning sun. Needless to say he is very laid back and comes up to be held and scratched. While Babette is fairly independent. She will sit on my lap for a little while and then wants down to go and nurse or play on a concrete block.

I always find it interesting on the early personalities of baby animals and how that usually carries over into adult hood. More lambs should be arriving this week and I hope all goes well.

Here are the pedigrees for these lambs: Daisy and Soloman


Daisy and Barbwire

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