Friday, March 9, 2012

Peeps and Fleece

The new little peeps arrived to the farm. All these little chicks are pullets; at least I hope! I am trying some new layers that I have never had before and some tried and true ones. New to me this year are New Hampshire Reds, Black Sex Links, and Barred Rocks. The others are Top Knots and Buff Orpingtons (substituted for Buff Rocks) . Iwas suppose to get some Arauanas and Silver Laced Wyandottes, but there was an issue with the hatch. So I'll try getting those breeds in the next couple of weeks from the feed store.

I tried to raise some Barred Rocks last year, but they all turned out to be roosters; I had purchased them from a 4-H girl who said she learned how to sex chicks. Needless to say she needed a little more experience. :)

My hens have started laying again and I have gained 5 new customers from work, so these new pullets will really be beneficial in supplying eggs to people who enjoy free range eggs instead of eggs from commercial producers.

I really like my crossbreed chicks that were hatched by some broody hens last summer. I'm amazed at how I can see both the hen and rooster genetics in the off-spring. The white and black tail hen and rooster are a White Silkie and Black Tail Japanese Bantam cross. The blue hen is a cross of Araucana and Black Bantam. She lays a teal blue egg.

Last Sunday my mom helped me skirt some fleece. We did Heathers and I started on my last fleece from Fauna. Heather has such awesome fleece. So soft and crimpy. I love spinning her fleece too. It really has a nice black luster when it is spun. I have a few more fleeces to skirt before the next shear on April 22. So this Sunday I'll be a skirting up a storm. All I have to do is convince Greg that skirting is fun! Actually I enjoy it and love the sheepy smell of the fiber.

Only a few more weeks until the lambs arrive. Faith is soooo very round. I am fairly confident she is going to have twins again and would not be shocked if she had triplets. I'm enjoying my last week of sleep. Next week I'll start checking on the gals in the middle of the night. I just wish the sheep barn was closer to the house as those late night checks can be quite chilly.


  1. I've stopped doing middle of the night checks unless a ewe is showing obvious signs of labor at my bedtime. Although I still watch and worry during the day, I sure enjoy getting to sleep at night!

  2. Hi Michelle, I'm a worrier so better for me to go out and take a little peak. :) Otherwise, I just fret all night. LOL!