Saturday, August 7, 2010

She is a HE

Well, I've been duped, bezwaggled, bamboozled, and mislead. Those cute little Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks are not she's, but HE's. That's right.... more roosters! Arggg!!! Only one out of the six is a hen. I already have 5 roosters that I can't sell because I'm attached to the little fellas! But these big roosters have got to go. They are beating up on my bantam roosters and my favorite rooster - Rock Star. That is a no-no!!

Luckily, a guy Greg works with wants them. So off to a new home they go next week. Next spring, I'll get 6 pullet chicks from the farm store. Hopefully I'll have better luck in getting girls. :)

In other news, I'm soooo excited. I contacted Red Brick Road Icelandic Sheep about some ewes. After much deliberation, spreadsheet galore, and looking at the webpage a zillion times I picked 4 ewes and a ram. My friend Marie, picked up some sheep from this farm in July and I fell in love with them. Beautiful wool and I like the fact that they have horns which resembles a goat. As most of you know, I have been sooo lonely the past several years without my pygmies.

I've contacted a gal in the KC Weavers Guild about taking a Triangle loom class. Probably going to sign up for the November class as October is crazy busy for me. In the mean time, Greg and I are redoing fencing and preparing several acres for the new gals. So I am hoping for cooler weather the next few weeks. Gotta go and pick up our square bales of hay next week... hope we get a cool front soon!! I said I wouldn't complain about summer last winter when it was so dreadful out, but I can complain about the humidity right? Afterall, it's the not heat, but the humidity or so I hear.

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