Saturday, August 21, 2010

Redtail Hawks and Flower of the Week

While walking the horses out of the barn this morning I noticed the pair of redtail hawks had returned. This time they were sharing one wooden fence post in my North pasture. They were making their usual screeches. Kinda neat to hear, but their vocal chorus strikes fear into my hens. They start to cackle and head for the chicken house or underneath the horse trailers.

When when one of the red tail hawks took flight, so did my horses. Sultan, the grey horse in front is 27 years old - he's still the king of the pasture! The fog this morning was really pretty and left little droplets on cobwebs making them look like delicate lace.

A new feature to my blog until the first freeze will be flower of the week. This week's flower is a peach colored canna. These are really pretty and I will definately dig these up in the fall and plant again next year.

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  1. What is the Palomino's name? I had a Two Eyed Jack Palomino and his name was Action Jackson and my mare's name was Princess...lovely horses.