Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Peaches and Little Feet

I'm sure we all are experiencing summer's never ending heat wave. I feel like I am in the movie ground hog day since I've been doing the same chores for three weeks straight... bring the sheep in the barn, clean stalls, take sheep out, clean stalls, water chickens, refill tanks with cool water and repeat.

I was surprised my peach tree produced a fairly nice crop of fruit. First time ever I have gotten more than three off the tree. The birds are helping themselves to the bounty though. I don't mind since it is so hot and I figure they need the sugar and moisture from the fruit.

I have also had some very busy hens. Two hens hatched out some chicks. My white silkie hatched out what I believe to be an auraucana bantam cross and the black bantam hen hatched out 6 bantam babies. They sure are cute to watch scratching for bugs by taking cues from their mother.

I haven't blogged to much about my new rat terror puppy Rudy. He is doing great and weighs a whopping 10 pounds at 16 weeks old. He is sooo lively. I've taught him to sit, stay (for 10 seconds!), down, shake paws and roll over. Today he learned how to catch a ball in the air. He is a blast and Greg and I are really enjoying his antics. Just wish the weather would cool down so we can resume our nightly walks at La Cygne Lake. I will be glad when the chewing on human flesh goes away... he thinks I'm a walking rawhide!

My flowers look pretty pittiful this year, so no new pics from the flower beds. I water them just enough to keep them from croaking.

Only one more month of so before Fall. I can't wait.

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