Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Growing, Growing Lambs

Oh how my lambs are growing! April and Athena are filling out very nicely and they look like they are full sisters, but they are only half. Athena has such crimpy wool.... lots of springing curls, so pretty! April is still the social ewe lamb as she follows me everywhere and loves attention.



And of course there is the ram lamb Apollo. He is still momma's boy, but so pretty. His fleece is very soft. Amanda is finally starting to turn a dark morrit. For the longest time she looked black. I like her dark Hershey Brown fleece. It will look great weaved with some light colored wool for a striking contrast.


Annabelle looks just like her mother. Sweet expressive eyes and reserved personality.

Unfortunately I lost Fauna to heat stress last Saturday. A very sad day indeed as she was fine at 10am and passed away in my husbands arms at 6:00pm. Athena was quite upset for a few days, but is doing better now.

We are having 5.5 acres of of 17 acre horse pasture fenced in this week. That should give me plenty of pasture to rotate on for awhile. Just wish I had trees! Shade is such a problem on my place. Only the front and back yard has trees, so right now I have the sheep in the front yard. I move them every 3-5 days to a new spot. I call them my organic lawn mowers! Hee hee.

Next year we will have the rest of the pasture fenced in and then I can rotate between horses and sheep to break the parasite lifecycles. I get great satisfaction knowing that the horses are stopping the barberpole worm lifecycle. I hate those worms!!

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