Friday, April 16, 2010

Still Waiting on Sheep

Well as you probably guessed I didn't get my 3 sheep last fall. The owners of the sheep decided they didn't want to sell the ones I was wanting and I really wasn't too keen on bringing home the wild ones with horns they were wanting to sell. Then I had some back health issues last fall that set me back this winter, but I am getting better with the help of a really good chiropractor.

My little sheep pasture is getting very tall with nothing munching on the sweet grasses. So I'm on the shetland sheep quest again. I'm hoping to have some young ewes by the beginning of summer. I really miss my goats and nuturing of them... I need to nuture something little as I didn't have any chicks this spring and of course no foals since the horse market is not so great and there are a lot of unwanted horses right now. Maybe next year I'll look into breeding one of my MFT mares.

Harlow's surgery went well. She was diagnosed with Upper Fixation of the Patella. Basically an issue with the stifle and ligament getting temporarily caught on the patella (knee). I researched many options and did not do what one vet recommended... cut the ligament completely! Yikes!! That sounded so barberic and could lead to severe artheritis in several years. She is only 7 years old, so that was not an option I wanted to do. After reading a bunch of medical journals I came across a procedure where the medial ligament was spliced instead of cut. Then I had the task to locate a vet locally who could do it.

I called several vets to get recommendations and found that Dr. Mark Frees out of Peculiar was a board certified surgeon and had done the procedure on 5 horses with good results. So I took Harlow over last Tuesday. All I can say is WOW on the facility. It rivals any veterinary college hospital. All the most advanced equipement. I have seen improvement in her right leg, but her left was the "sticky" one and will take longer to show improvement. I hoping that this procedure will allow me to ride her again and that she will remain sound.

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  1. Hi Tammy, the pic of your farm looks like something out of a magazine... just gorgeous! :)

    I'm glad Harlow made it through surgery alright. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she makes a speedy recovery and regains full usage of her leg. I'm sure it'd be wonderful to ride her again!