Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shearing Day

Today my Icelandics gave up their warm fleeces. Poor things look like little aliens now instead of sheep! I took a few pics before they were sheared. The shearer is Danny Smith and zipped right through those thick fleeces in no time flat. A lot faster than I could ever dream of doing... plus no one was nicked in the process. All sheep were very well behaved too, so that of course made the job go much easier.

The good thing with getting all the wool off is that I can see the ewes udders more clearly now. I suspect Gretchen will lamb first. Her bag is getting very full and she looks like she is starting to drop a bit. I'm so excited to see what colors I will get. I'm hopping for a spotted ewe out of Faith. And of course it would be nice to have another Moorit Badgerface ewe out of Gretchen.

I'd like to get a Black Badgerface, so that is on my ewe list for this year as I'm fairly sure I will not get one out of Heather.

Now to skirt those Spring fleeces... I'll be spending quite a bit of time picking hay and straw out of them.

Oh and one more thing I am excited about - I put a deposit down on a rat terrier puppy. I have first pick from 5 males!! I couldn't have asked for prettier pups and with so many to chose from. It will be hard! Here are pics from the breeder site for Karma/Indy pups:;jsessionid=oa52ev0291.penguin_s

I'm interested in the Chocolate/Tan/White male and the Black and White Male, but personality will be my deciding factor before color.

I'll keep you posted as the lambs arrive; hopefully within the next two weeks.

Faith and Heather


Fauna, Heathcliffe, Gretchen and Faith


Heathcliffe Shorn

Faith Shorn


  1. Hi, Tammy. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Danny did my shearing last fall. He seems to know his stuff.
    No lambs here, yet, either, but soon, I hope.
    Congrats on the new puppy.
    Have fun with all that skirting...I still have a couple left from the fall to do. I guess I will just do them all together with the new ones.

  2. Update...had our first lambs today! A set of black triplets! 2 ram lambs and one ewe lamb. What an exciting way to begin!