Friday, October 22, 2010

Sheep are Home!

My Icelandic beauties are home! I went and picked them up from Terri at Red Brick Road farm last Sunday. Boy is that a long drive! And I even was able to stay with relatives over the weekend to break up the trip.

I brought home 4 lovely ewes and a very handsome ram, if I say so myself.

The girls are as follows:
Little Black 6 month ewe - Heather
Moorit Badgerface - Gretchen
Moorit solid - Fauna
Moorit spotted - Faith
Moorit Grey Ram - Heathcliffe which means handsome boy in old English. Very fitting indeed.

They have settled in and are such a comfort to me after the death of my little rat terrier Danny the week before. Terri told me they are very calming and she is right... thank you Terri!

I know I'm not suppose to be overly friendly to Heathcliffe, but he really enjoys a good chin scratching. He also stands perfectly still for me to pull out a few cockle burrs and other seeds that I missed when fencing in the paddock.

Faith and Fauna are sweet hearts and loved being petted too. I was even able to touch Heather a little bit tonight as she is still not sure about me. Gretchen is coming around too even though I have to put eye medication in right eye. Her eye that must have gotten injured during the transport. She tolerates getting doctored fairly well and enjoys getting rewarded with a handful of corn for being so brave.

Major is still not sure about these creatures even though I had goats a few years back. Guess he forgot what a BAAAA was all about.

I have four bags a wool to skirt from the girls. I've never felt such soft, luxurious fleece before. I'm planning on sending two bags to the mill to be made into yarn and the other two into roving to drop spindle spin. I'm taking a weaving class in November, so hopefully I'll gain some knowledge about looms and the various kinds.

Here are pics of my flock... I love saying that!


  1. They look like they are going to settle in just fine! I'm so glad that you are enjoying them!

  2. Very nice! Congrats. We are shearing tomorrow. Can I ask why you did not shear your ram?

  3. They are beautiful!! I love saying "my flock" too! Good luck with them and enjoy them they look like a happy bunch!

  4. Hi Brenda, Kansas can be cold sometimes and I've read and Terri suggested that the ram should not be sheared since they exert a lot of energy courting ewes and they may not grow enough wool to sustain a cold winter. So far he has been thinking about hay more than love! But the ewes should be coming into season here shortly now that they are settled in.

  5. Beautiful wool, makes my fingers itch to touch it. Congratulations on the new flock!

  6. Tammy, you left a question on my blog about our Steiner dog...sorry but I don't know of any breeders of these sweet dogs. Wish I could help you.